DT-900 Night Stand Finished!

After 3 prototypes, its finally finished! Here are photo’s of the DT-900 Night Stand. It should be up for sale this weekend!

DT-900 Night Stand

Coming soon! The DT-900 Wireless Charging Night Stand! The DT-900 is a standard Nokia wireless charger that was given away to thousands of new Lumia 920 owners. The biggest problem is the phone must lay flat in order to use the charger. This night stand allows you to charge the phone while its standing! Really helpful if you use the phone at an alarm clock at night, or with the new Glance feature as a bedside clock.

Some of the features include integrated cable organizer, acoustic speaker amp base, and stability foot pads! Also will be available in 6 different colors!




The charging stand is going through a little more testing, and should be available for sale starting Oct 12th.

Custom HTC 8X

Here is an example of what you can do with the custom 3D printed cases once painted!  This is my personal HTC 8X phone case.


This was created with just basic spray paints purchased at Lowes.  I will create a video showing you how!

Lumia 920 beta 2.0 case and give-away!

I got the Beta 2.0 920 case it, and it fits flawlessly!  I shot a video showing the case off with a new design.  You can watch the video below.  Please comment and subscribe before 4/26/2013 for your chance to win a FREE Lumia 920 or HTC 8X 3D printed case!!!

Lumia 920 prototype case.

The prototype Lumia 920 case has been sent to the printer!  I sould get it back around March 20th for fitting.  Im sure I can find a Lumia 920 owner to test the case for me!  Here is a preview render.  I used the same basic spider web case as my first 8X design.  Once I know the prototype fits, I will make other designs!



Your hardware should be just as personal as your software!

These 3D printed cases uses lasers to sear together fine layers of nylon dust to produce an extremely durable product!  Each case is made to order and shipped directly from the manufacturer.  The cases comes in white and allows you to customize the case yourself using almost any paints available for a truly unique case.  Cases can also be ordered with custom names and logo’s!

8x_w8 8x_spider 8x_pro 8x_pro